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Update 201

It's been sometime since we kept this up to date so here goes a brief summary the last 12 months and another to follow of the exciting happenings coming up.

Bligh Spirit 2017

Having been through some old photos' found this great shot of Ashleigh in Bligh Spirit, we will be posting a range of new photos on FB and getting you to vote on the best images, these will be made int postcards!

2018 was a full year with Yskynna performing at Royal William Yard, Boomtown, Falmouth University Graduation, Give Festival, Weekend of Wonders and our ACE funded project Ghostships at NMMC.

A natural shift happened for Ghostships with casting for roles for skills required and we had such a great cast and crew and created an exceptional way of telling our story of young Jack Bray.

We are grateful to all Yskynna members, current and past for their part in developing the company, and of course for our part in their development.

It has been got to know that both Kerri and Becky have gone on to embrace aerial training and gain qualifications in teaching hoop and silks, Congratulations!

2019 started with a strong outreach program training for Vertical dancers which culminated in an Easter workshop at RWY.

We are endeavouring to increase our workshops in Plymouth with the support of Urban Splash and the Creative Arts School Plymouth, and it is great to hear that the aerial training at Italia Conte Plymouth is gaining ground day by day.

Current projects

Young Yskynna at St Andrews Church Redruth perform June 17/18th, working with 2 talented youth form Vagabond circus, Olly, Ella and Emerald we are creating a community performance event in the Church. Please come along its free, 10.30/11.30/13.30 with a workshop on the Monday between 14.00-15.00

Graduation Falmouth University commissioned work for every graduation ceremony. Building upon the work from last year we have been approached to create a new work responding to the soundtrack of Cornwall which will prelude each ceremony.

Heartlands 'Estah's Story' our ACE funding came through and with the support from Cornish Mining World Heritage, FEAST, Heartlands, Amata, Falmouth University and Vector Rigging we are creating a moving story of home, heart and hearth, on the Engine House and Headframe at Heartlands. Performances from Tuesday 13th to Friday 23rd August 18.30 and 20.30, performance runs for 1hour 10mins. Tickets are listed as we keep our audience sizes small and intimate for maximum enjoyment.

More posts and a regular blog will be up and running soon with all that social media contact.

Remember to like our FB page sign up for Instagram etc and keep up to date with our exciting work.

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