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Amazing experience. Humour, great skill and a totally original perspective!

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A girl and her Shadow


journey of our Selkie and her land child. In Gaelic Mythology the Selkie were the seal people and they lived deep under the ocean, they would swim to shore, hide their tails very carefully and walk amongst us. But, they would always be called back to the sea, finding their tail and returning to the ocean's deep.

This tale was told through aerial, dance, stilts and harp.

During this Summer run we had over 15000 visitors who came on this enchanting journey Into the Deep Blue, and we are very grateful to the staff at NMMC for their support and investment in Yskynna's creative endeavours.

Estah's Story Heartlands (2019)

Estah is a Cornish Bal Maiden, she leads us into her world, her life at the Tin Mine and into her dreams, both realized and lost.


Visual story telling at its best by Yskynna with Vertical Dance off the historic architecture at Heartlands, with song and spoken word. Journey across time and find your heart, hearth and home with Estah’s Story.



This beautiful show combines reflection, aspiration and adventure in a world where you can meet your shadow self to be greater than you once were.

Breathtaking aerial dance, storytelling and music - Yskynna returned to National Maritime Museum Cornwall with The Girl and her Shadow as a part of National Maritime Museum Cornwall's October half term events in 2019.

Ghostships  (2019)


A moving Maritime story of young Jack Bray who left for the Indies on a clipper and one stormy night had a ghostly encounter with the sirens of the deep.


Ghost Ships at NMMC was showcased in October 2019, a 20min performance of aerial and physical theatre in the main gallery at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, accompanied by the wonderful Suitcase Singers 

Milan (2018)


Royal William Yard performance as part of Weekend of Wonders.

September 2018


A visual and vocal spectacle celebrating the life of Captain William Bligh. Shanties, songs and performance poetry accompany a high roped hiatus of vertical dance performed on the tower at The National Maritime Museum Cornwall.


Bligh Spirit is created by Yskynna and Awenek Lev and supported by Arts Council England, FEAST, Cornwall Council, Fal River Festival and NMMC.

Watch a trailer HERE

If you go down to the woods... (2017)

Journey deep into the heart of Trebah Garden where the world of bedtime stories has woken into real life.

Meet familiar fairy-tale friends. Delight in breathtaking aerial acrobatics and enjoy soothing sirens of song. Step into a land of lost children, wicked stepmother...

Watch a trailer  HERE

Hyreth (2016)

Hyreth ‘ is a Cornish word meaning the essence of the place you are born and return to’, it has no direct translation but all Celtic languages have this word, it can be read as Home/Hearth/Heart.

Poetically it is the smell of the heather on the moor, the taste of the air, the color of the sea, that quality which you recognize as home

The narrative of Hyreth aims to create a resonance within those that view the performance, to take the audience on a journey of reconnection within themselves.

There will be references to sounds that both old and young will recognize from their childhood, a time when life was less complex.

"What is particularly exciting about Hyreth is its capacity to communicate, engage, captivate and excite audiences of all ages and on many different aesthetic levels- and they make it all look so easy- which we all know, is never easy!"

   Antony Waller, Co-Director of Dance Republic 2

Transmission (2016)

Transmission is a journey through the mists of time, from the golden age of plenty to the fire and brimstone of our modern age, we rally to the barricades and tear down the walls between worlds, throwing open the gates to a new dawn, rising from the ashes of darker days. 
Everyone can imagine the end of the world, but no one seems able to realize a new world, waiting to be dreamed into being. With this show we wanted to explore the promise of the future, rather than the dystopia of the past, we come in search of the positive apocalypse! 

In association with The Invisible Circus,

Impermanence Dance Theatre, Bassdrummer & The Media Workshop.

children in need (2016)

Yskynna were invited to create a performance for BBC Spotlight SouthWest Children In Need. The beautiful counterweighted solo by Grace Sellwood and David Greeves was accompanied by the melodic and atmospheric soundtrack by Cassia. The performance was created specifically for this event and was a highlight for the gathered audience and was acclaimed by the technical team as the best show of the evening.

This piece as yet unamed was featured at Stoke Damerel Community College dance evening and performed by Becky Miles and David Greeves.

This hypnotic piece is now part of our current repertoire and will be taught to up and coming members of the company

Boomtown Revolution (2016-18)

Yskynna was commissioned by BoomTown in 2016 to develop  3 shows for the Revolutionary takeover events on Bang Hai Palace, Sector 6 and the TownHall main stages. Developed on site over the lead up week, using ziplines, 60m abseils and some clever wall running over the TownHall.

With the great direction of Doug Fransisco and the awesome BoomTown team, Yskynna has an expanding repertoire and will develop the zipline work at Trebah Gardens in 2017

off the wall (2015/16)

A colourful exploration of physicality, dance and acrobatics with a driving soundtrack by the Midieval Punditz.

This early, youthful piece by core members David and Grace was received with acclaim by crowds at Royal William Yard in 2015 for the Weekend of Wonders and at Plymouth seafood festival 2015 & 16, continuing our relationship with Plymouth Community Housing and performing off the Basket Ope Flats.​

With the tide (2015)

With the Tide is a mesmerising and provoking performance to an iconic story of love between mermaid and fisherman, accompanied live by harpist and singer Jo Tagney.

With The Tide dances on walls of harbours and cliff tops, which highlights and celebrates part of a town that may not be the usual focus of attention.

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