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Into The Deep Blue

Into the Deep Blue was scheduled for Easter and Summer 2020 and due to Corona was delayed as a live performance until Summer 2021.

During this time we were fortunate to create a film of the live version with acclaimed film maker Rachel Rose Seely, which is available to see on our Vimeo channel.

With the continued support of the National Maritime Musem Cornwall and Arts Council England we embarked on a 6 week, 5 day/week, 3 shows/day run at NMMC in the main gallery space.

We invited visitors to come on a journey with us with our Selkie and her land child.

In Gaelic Mythology the Selkie were the seal people and they lived deep under the ocean, they would swim to shore, hide their tails very carefully and walk amongst us. But, they would always be called back to the sea, finding their tail and returning to the ocean's deep.

This tale was told through aerial, dance, stilts and harp.

During this Summer run we had over 15000 visitors who came on this enchanting journey Into the Deep Blue, and we are very grateful to the staff at NMMC for their support and investment in Yskynna's creative endeavours.

Project now completed


Estah's Story


Estah's Story at Heartlands is a site specific work responding to the magnificent Cornish Mining World  Heritage Site, involving song,vertical dance and a processional style performance with strong cast of actors, singers and vertical dancers.

Estah is a Cornish Bal Maiden, she leads us into her world, her life at the Tin Mine and into her dreams, both realized and lost. Visual story telling at its best by Yskynna with Vertical Dance off the historic architecture at Heartlands, with song and spoken word. Journey across time and find your heart, hearth and home with Estah’s Story.

Featuring the Red River Singers and the Ingleheart Singers, led by Hilary Coleman and Claire Ingleheart.

Keep up to date with the developments of the project via social media and please come along and see one of the open rehearsals.

We have great team on board with some new cast working with our established Yskynna dancers.

Check out the new bio's on the who's who page!

Project now completed

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