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Newsletter 2021

Goodbye 2021!


Images above of Into the Deep Blue and Rosamunde's Way taken by the wonderful Guy Harris.

We know it has been a very long time since we've been in touch, but my what a time this past year has been as we emerged from the lockdowns! The coronavirus pandemic is still very much in our existence, but this year showed that creativity and live performance can return in inspiring and safe ways. 

This year at Yskynna in our home in Cornwall we delved into two major projects:

Our long awaited Summer run of 'Into the Deep Blue' at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, postponed from 2020. It was an absolute joy and we saw over 15000 people during the 6 week run - welcome to those of you who joined our mailing list after watching this show. It was great hearing all our audiences feedback and our amazing team really had the best time.

This project was commissioned by National Maritime Museum Cornwall and supported by Arts Council England.

In Spring 2021 we began work on an R&D project exploring the coastline and hidden stories of Rinsey, eventually returning to this location in September to develop a promenade work involving binaural sound, acting, dancing, aerial and puppetry. We shared this to small groups of audiences in this experimental stage at the end of September in the glorious last days of the late Summer sun. 

This project was supported by Arts Council England. FEAST and The National Trust.

What else have we been doing?


David has been developing a partnership project in Croatia, with Histeria Nova Croatia and Aeriosa Canada. 

Research trips have begun and  the project will run from 2022-2030.


Back in March David and Ishita had a Sea Cave wedding.


David and Ishita have been in India teaching workshops in street schools. This is a photo from a workshop in December 2021 at Siddarth Memorial Charitable Trust, Noida, New Delhi. 
They will continue this educational work into the New Year and beyond.

Onwards to 2022...

Next year we have some exciting work in the pipeline.


We are developing a wild story walk planned for May/June 2022 in Falmouth Cemetery working with some fantastic local creatives and community members!


Yskynna are also looking ahead to 2023/24 and thinking about something a bit piratey.

Ooh - Argh

It's been a year of amazingly affirming research, development and performances.

We want to say a massive thank you to our production and performance team who have done amazing work and have been utterly joyous to collaborate with. 

Thanks go out to our trustees for their continuing work and support.

Of course another big thank you to our project funders and supporters: Arts Council England, Feast, National Maritime Museum Cornwall, National Trust

A massive thank you to all of you, out supporters, for coming on this journey with us. 

From us, all that is left to say is seasons greetings, we wish you all a wonderful festive season and a happy new year.

See you in 2022!
The Yskynna Team

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