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Yskynna Vertical Dance Company welcomes you to a web experience of Vertical Dance


Yskynna Vertical Dance CIO are the pioneers of vertical dance theatre in Cornwall and the SouthWest!

With sights set on non traditional venues, high walls, cliff faces, tall buildings and large open spaces, Yskynna welcomes new challenges and the chance to create in iconic and inspiring places. 

Working with an international team of vertical dancers, circus aerialists, actors and riggers, Yskynna are proud to represent the highest level of vertical dance theatre performance and collaborative creative projects.


We aim to generate and invigorate audiences with open and gifted/free performance projects accessible for all, enabling us to reach a wider demographic of the public. 

With commissioned and Arts Council funded projects Yskynna offer artistic and cultural engagement to One and All.

We entrust our legacy to the youth which are at the heart of all our educational and outreach initiatives, by building long lasting links with schools, colleges, universities and communities.


This site will guide you through our creative, performance and educational work, you will meet the company members and be able to view some great photos and videos capturing our spirit of venture.

Please get in touch via our website, social media links and remember anything is possible if you want to fly!

Yskynna (yer-skin-ah) Cornish verb 'to ascend'



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We would love to hear from you...

Main image (top): S Tanner

Bottom image: John Freddy Jones

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